Waterstones gets in a flap over Amazon drone deliveries

Who needs an Amazon drone when you can have an O.W.L.S. delivery from Waterstones?

This is a great response from Waterstones to the Amazon Black Monday PR stunt. It just goes to show, viral video is not always about the production values – the concept and the script is all important.

John (Owls) Howells is the PR Manager for Waterstones and utters the fabulous line:

“putting O.W.L.S. into commercial use will take a number of years, as it takes ages to train an Owl to do anything. And we only just thought of it this morning!”


But why I have put this on a golf blog? Because it is a great example of how one brand can leverage another brands PR activities to their own advantage. A little bit or guerilla marketing every now and then can be a good thing – as long as it is done well and in a timely manner.

And in case you missed it, here is the original video from Amazon. After 24 hours it has more than¬†7,043,633 views – that’s about 350 times more than the Waterstones video!

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