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One of the great things about Twitter is how the golf tour professionals have adopted it as way to share life on the tour with all of us armchair golf fans. We might not get inside the ropes and play the shots, but we can share in the victories and defeats and gain insights into what it means to be a golf pro.

We created this social media infographic to compare the Twitter accounts for the two main golf tours. As you can see the US tour account @PGAtour has a following more than 4 times greater than the European tour account @European_Tour. That surprised us, especially when you consider that if you look at the tour golfers on Twitter, only 6 out of the top 15 are US golfers.

The other big surprise is that the US tour Twitter account, @PGAtour has more followers in Europe than the European Tour Twitter account. Of course this could be due to a number of reasons, such as the popularity of the US Tour on satellite TV in Europe, or maybe followers of the European Tour are getting their news and information from other sources.

The difference in the Engagement statistics between the two accounts are pretty much what you would expect, given the disparity in the volumes of followers.

What is clear from these statistics and the millions (quite literally) of fans who follow the golf professionals on Twitter, social media and golf are inextricably linked and these connections will only get stronger.

Who is your favourite tour player on Twitter?

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