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Earlier today I was asked for some help by a Facebook friend. It seems that they have a family friend who was a highly promising young golfer, including representing his country. Now he has finished university he is looking to get his first break in the golf industry. His first step was to try the club pro route, but he is struggling to find an opening so far.

I was asked if I could provide some guidance. Here is my response:

I don’t know anyone who is recruiting in your area. But I suggest that he gets himself on LinkedIn and joins a couple of groups called:

Golf Industry Professionals – lots of US conversations, but also a great way to network with those in the UK

Colt Mackenzie McNair – Global Golf Recruitment – this is a group run by a recruitment company that specialises in the golf industry. If he is hot on anything other just hitting balls then he could find a career in golf course management / membership sales etc

I also recommended that he visit the following websites:-

The UK Golf Club Owners Association:



the UK golf industry trade magazine:


In my view LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for golf professionals. In recent weeks both Tony Jacklin and Colin Montgomerie have both connected with me on this business focussed social network. My wife thinks I’m mad connecting with people who I will never actually physically meet but you never who can connect you to whom. If we ever get to share a chat over a cup of coffee, or better still, a round of golf, then ask me why Barack Obama is a connection of mine on LinkedIn since the day after his first inauguration! The you will see what an impact social media, online networking and blogging can have.

What advice would you have given to this young man starting out on his career in the world of golf?

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