How well are the Ryder Cup 2014 Teams using Facebook and Twitter?

how is the Ryder Cup using social media

It’s now less than 11 months until the teams tee up to do battle at Gleneagles in Scotland in the 2014 Ryder Cup.

It seems that the powers that be think it’s still too early to be engaging with golf fans via social media, with just 50 tweets from the big 6 Twitter accounts. What is remarkable is that Tom Watson @TomWatsonPGA managed to publish three tweets in the last month, but grew his Followers by a staggering 31,408

It’s good to see that both teams have a presence on other social networks. This month we are going to take a look at the team pages on Facebook. Both of the teams Facebook pages were listed in our Review of Social Media Cover Images  that we published in September.

Europe Ryder Cup Team  (click on the team name to view the Facebook page)

ryder cup europe facebookThe European team have a very active page, with a regular flow of news updates. As a result, they have added over 2,600 Likes in the last month. This is a clear demonstration that if you post content, people will engage with you.

The European Ryder Cup page is making great use of the photo albums facility with new images being posted from the 2014 launch events and other activities since then. The team page also has a link to some videos, but this is a poor attempt to engage using this medium as there are just 4 videos, and not anything that could be called recent!

USA Ryder Cup Team

ryder cup usa facebookThe USA team on the other hand, have not posted any content since mid-August. And as a result, they have managed to just under 500 Likes over the same period. A clear indicator that an ignored page will get left behind.

The Team USA page has a couple of Apps attached to it. Twitter and Instagram. This is great, but sadly the USA Ryder Cup Team Instagram account has not been updated since the European victory in Medinah, just over a year ago. That’s quite a sad indictment.

So, in conclusion, both the teams are making an effort, but with 11 months to go until the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, in my view, they need to get busy.

Next month we will take a look and provide a critique of image sharing sites and how they relate to the Ryder Cup.

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