How to get to number 2 on Google in just 4 weeks

At The Digital Golfer we like to think we know our way around search engine optimisation, we should do, after all, we have been running SEO campaigns for a variety of clients for  the last 7 years.

But it’s always nice to see it in action, especially when it takes you by surprise!

Earlier this morning I sat down at the computer to research a new article for our golf marketing blog, as per normal I entered a search phrase into Google, pressed the search button and waited to see what comes up.

The power of the web took over, and instantaneously  I was presented with my search results. A quick scan of the first page and my mind thought…

“hmmm, that second page looks interesting”

Too right it does, it turns out to be our website!

So there you have it, we got to Number 2 on Google, out of 2,830,000 other webpages, in just 4 weeks for one of our target key phrases.

“And how did you do that?” I hear you ask – well, if you really want to know that, just give us a call or email us via our Contact form and I’ll be happy to tell you.

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