How to fail at golf marketing

This afternoon I received an email alert that is going to cost me a small fortune over the next couple of years. Hello Kitty have just announced that they have entered the golf accessory market, and as the proud father of two beautiful young girls, who both love Hello Kitty and also play golf, I know what is coming.

So I headed over to the website that is listed on the press release, but to my surprise, the website is displaying a lovely ‘Coming Soon’ message.

This is marketing 101 stuff. If you are going to send out a digital press release, make sure that all the other ‘stuff’ has been done, like asking the development team to turn on the website. If it’s not ready, just wait until it is.

By the time you read this, they may have updated the site. Click on the image to find out.

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but it’s a problem I’ve encountered in the past as a copywriter. The Marketing Director (aka my client) insisted on the press release and direct mail pack going out even though there was a glitch with getting the website ready for launch. His logic was that if the pressure was applied to the web developers they’d get it done on time… so much for that idea. The site went live a month after the press release, by which stage the media’s interest had long gone.

  2. I think we all have our horror stories to tell around this topic. Which makes it all the worse when it drags on like this did. Thankfully the site is now up and running – though there are some basic errors in the site still!

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