How to add nice looking links to your email newsletter

When you are creating your weekly email newsletter you might want to reference content that exists on your website. Using our email marketing system for golf clubs you can link direct from the newsletter to an external source, such as a page on your website.

There are two ways to create that link.

The first option is to type in the complete web address of the target content. The link will look like this:

It’s not that attractive, is it?

The second option is to create an embedded link. This is where you use some text, but then attach the link to that text. It looks something like this:

Click here>>

Please note, the ‘Click Here>>’ can actually be any text.

So how do you create the second version?


Step 1

Write the text that you want to appear as the link:

Click here>>

Step 2

Highlight that text with your mouse

Step 3

Click on the linked chain icon in the Edit bar

Step 4

Now type in the destination of your link and click ‘OK’ – note that you don’t need to type “http://”

If you want the link to be an email address, just scroll through the selections menu marked ‘Protocol’ and add the target email address into the text box.

You will now have a nice clean text based link in your email.

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