How not to waste money on Facebook advertising for your golf business

Having made my first cup of coffee of the day I just logged on to Facebook to check in with the world. As ever, the Sponsored Ads column on the right of the page sat there with a myriad range of tempting offers.

For some reason Facebook this morning thinks I’m interested in cheap car insurance, cheap dog insurance, tracing my ancestors, buying a Citreon C1 and taking a golf holiday to Portugal.

Oh, hang on a minute, this one looks interesting.

“Click here to enter our competition with great golf prizes.”

So, I clicked.

I was instantly transported to a golf related Facebook page (I will not divulge the company name to protect the innocent) where the only mention of a competition was a status update from the 6th April stating that they might have one if they could find a prize. So, not installing much confidence there.

I’m a curious chap, so I decided to click on the link to their webpage. It turns out that they are a ‘golfing gear’ retailer – whatever that means. And every link I clicked on was broken.

Just think how much money has this business wasted on Facebook advertising to promote a competition that doesn’t exist and to drive traffic to a website that doesn’t work? How badly affected is their brand by delivering such a poor experience to a new audience of potential customers?

Timing is everything, so please, when planning a campaign take time out to check your links work, and check that you absolutely can deliver on the offer that you are making to your potential customers.

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