Has your golf course just disappeared?

This morning Apple launched the brand new iPhone 5. I wrote about it on another marketing blog of mine, you can read that post here – New iPhone, same old launch campaign

But the really important news from Apple is that, the chances are, your golf course no longer exists!

Up until Apple launched the latest mobile operating system – iOS6, their Maps app was powered by Google Maps. Being a Google product, it was taking all the key data from the Google network.So, if you had set up a Google+ account, or added your office location to Google Maps, then you would appear inside the app, for all your customers and visitors to find.

But with iOS6 they have replaced the app with their own, according to some bloggers the data is being pulled fromYelp (who knew that service still existed?) and with it, they have (in all probability) removed your company from an app installed on 48% of all smartphones used in the UK.

To give you an idea of the impact this change is having let’s have a quick look at my most recent experience of using the old version of Maps on my iPhone 4S. On Wednesday of this week, I was in London for a series of meetings and to visit an exhibition. I used the Map app (as powered by Google) to get around London from various tube stops to my meetings – the walking route feature is excellent (oops, was excellent). Each of the companies that I visited, were on that Google based app. This morning, after installing the new iOS6, I checked again. Not one of those companies, not even the Olympia exhibition centre, could be found.

The chances are, that if you rely on visitors coming to play your course then they will no longer be able to find you via an iPhone.

Apple say “they are working on it” but they haven’t really explained what “it” is. As soon as we find out more, we will let you know.

In the meantime, if you want to reinstall Google Maps on your iPhone, then follow the advice on this blog post How to get Google Maps back

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