Golf April Fool jokes

These golf April Fool jokes brightened up my morning. Today is the day that everyone gets a free pass to play a practical joke on each other. And it it’s good to see that the golf world has a sense of humour too!

Here are the best golf April Fool jokes that I spotted this morning. I hope you like them, please let me know if your favourite isn’t on the list.

Golf April Fool Jokes

1. Tartan Hair

golf april fool joke

IJP Design announced the launch of their hair products range, with specific focus on the special Tartan Hairspray. READ MORE

This is my favourite as it plays nicely on the IJP Design brand values. But, one crucial error, the landing page appears to be running a competition to win a day with Ian Poulter. Only after entering are you told that it’s a golf April Fool joke. Now any sensible person would be wise to the joke, but with no disclaimer on the site, this joke could backfire on the brand as they now need to deliver on the offer. I will be keeping an eye on this to see what happens.

2. Sunshine Tax

golf april fool joke

Visit Golf – a golf holiday operator based on the Algarve announced the sad news that all holiday golfers will be required to pay a €1 sunshine tax for all Algarve rounds from April. A spokesperson said: “It’s simply not fair that golfers are able to enjoy our wonderful climate while others stay at home under cloudy skies.”
Money will go towards under-privileged golfers across the world. READ MORE


3. Denim at St Andrews

golf april fool joke

National Golfer magazine have managed to grab an exclusive announcement from the R&A. Denim will now be allowed on the course and in the clubhouse at St Andrews. READ MORE


4. EU Buggy Ban

golf april fool joke

Crown Golf head greenkeeper has built the ultimate winter golf buggy, only to discover that it has been banned by the EU! You can read more about it here: EU Buggy Ban


5. Mullet Trousers

golf april fool joke

Royal & Awesome have launched a new trouser range called the Mullet, could be good for some players on the US tour! READ MORE


6. The Easter Bunny


Wavendon Golf Academy had to issue a public warning this morning about the giant rabbits! READ MORE


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