Social media for golf clubs – Part 1

Social media for golf clubs part 1 – you can’t ignore it!

social media for golf clubsJust recently I have been working on a new project, the definitive guide to golf on the Costa Blanca. You can see the results by checking out Costa Blanca Golf Courses – let me know what you think. There are still some elements that need adding, but the website is already getting some interesting feedback.

As part of the process of developing the website I have had to check out the websites for all of the golf courses up and down the Costa Blanca. This has not been as easy as you would imagine. In fact, some of the golf courses do not even have a website! Can you imagine that?

But it gets worse. I’m not going to name names, but I was surprised to discover that nearly 1 in 4 golf clubs on the Costa Blanca have no social media presence at all, and of those who do, nearly all only publish in Spanish.

Now I don’t want to be thought of as a Daily Mail reading ex-pat who thinks the world maps are forever painted in Empire pink. But when you consider that over 1/3 of all tourists to the Costa Blanca are from the UK, don’t you think it would be in the best interests of a golf course operator to attempt to communicate with their customer base in a mutually understood language.

So, what’s the solution? Some of the golf clubs on the Costa Blanca have made an attempt by running mutli-language versions of their website. But sadly the translation is at times shocking. Job number one should be to ask one of the regular golfers to read through the website and recommend changes to the text so that it makes sense. But I digress.

It would be a good idea to run multiple accounts of social media for golf clubs, for example, Twitter accounts – not that complicated if you use a tool like Hootsuite, and then any content created in Spanish could then be reposted in English, German, Danish etc

How will a club know which languages to cater for? That’s easy, they should look at the relevant stats on their Google Analytics account.

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