Do you really control your domain names?

golf club web marketingA salient reminder for anyone with a domain name.

I have just spent 30 minutes being pushed from pillar to post trying to resolve an expired domain name for a client. I must hasten to add that it’s a new client and I had nothing to do with the original registration.

The domain was originally registered by another marketing agency, who no longer exist, so the reminder emails from the domain provider were not being delivered. So the client did not realise there was an issue, until the site disappeared and their emails stopped working.

The upshot is that we can get the domain back, but it will take up to 7 days. The client is unhappy at the news, but thankful that I got to the bottom of it so quickly.

So, todays question is simple.

Are all your domain registration contact details etc up to date?

Do you know when they expire? ( I chucked in a bonus question ’cause I’m like that! )

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