Brand message opportunities within the new Facebook page layout

We are delighted to share a guest post by Stewart Boutcher, CEO and Project Architect @650hours. 650Hours specialise in social media software development and it’s their software that powers The Digital Golfer marketing dashboard.

Stewart Boutcher, CEO, Project Architect @650hours
Social Software Development –


Brand message opportunities within the new Facebook page layout

There’s been a lot written about Facebook’s enforced conversion of all existing company pages to a new “timeline” style, which I’m not going to rehash.

The objective of this post is to highlight the 3 key brand message opportunities inherent in the new style, which we will be taking full advantage of, for ourselves on behalf of our customers.

Compare and contrast

Compare an old style company page with a new style company page that we created earlier. As you can see the new page style is substantially different. Facebook have given companies a lot more room to make the page look & feel their own, within the Facebook “framework”.


if you’re viewing after 30th March, see the image below for what this page used to look like! Lo-res image below if you don’t want to click through


Key 1: Cover photo

The key branding/message opportunity is now a large “cover photo” at the top of the page, which weighs in at 851×314. This can be uploaded as either png or jpg, but your should be aware that if you upload a png, Facebook convert it to a jpg. This can cause some problems with compression (auto conversion software not being the best), so uploading as a jpg in the first place could be best.

There are a number of restrictions as to how we can use this space, notably, from Facebook –  “This space is not meant for promotions, coupons, or advertisements. Your cover photo should not be primarily text-based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright.” – it is nonetheless a great opportunity to represent your brand message in a key position.

Key 2: Page “avatar” (profile picture)

The page “avatar” has changed, now being a square shape at 125×125, although at the moment, Facebook require you to upload an image 180 wide which is the same width as the old avatars – this is then center cropped to 125. Presumably after 30th March, it will be possible to upload at 125×125.

The positioning relative to the cover photo is interesting, as it allows for interaction between the cover photo and the avatar, for example for Excel Modular Building, we created a cover photo that integrated seamlessly with the avatar. See (or the image on the right) for details.

Key 3: Text layout

Another key change is around the presentation of text – where it displays and in what order – which may also impact on how you categorise your page.

Categorisation affecting what your visitors see:

If you are defined as a “Local Business”, underneath the avatar your address, phone number & hours of opening will be seen. However, if you’re defined as a “Company/Organisation”, there will instead be a 3-line summary of your company, which is probably much more useful to your visitors.

Our recommendation is that unless you really are a local business and want visitors to be able to see your address & phone number immediately, you ensure that your category is set to “Companies & Organisations” and that you update your “About” field – see below.

Priority of text elements:

The most important piece of text is the “About” field, which is what is shown underneath your avatar. This can be 255 characters long, but only 183 characters are shown on the home page, so either stick to this length, or at least ensure the text breaks nicely at 183.

After this, focus on “Company Overview” which is unlimited space to talk about your company, and then “Products” which gives you unlimited space to run through your products. Both of these feature highly on the company information page (linked to from the “About” link below the avatar. The “Products” information is shown in the right column, on the same level as the map (if you have one). “Company Overview” is shown beneath the map and the “About” text, so is less important.

All other fields, we regard as optional, to be filled in or not, based on your preferences.

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Stewart Boutcher, CEO, Project Architect @650hours
Social Software Development –

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