Are you and your customers embracing video?

YouTube-Transparent-LogoThis morning I was involved in a fascinating discussion about the use of video in marketing activities in a closed group on Facebook. It’s all well and good creating a corporate video to post to YouTube and Vimeo (you do know about Vimeo and DailyMotion and Metacafe to name but a few – don’t you?), but how many golf clubs can share the videos made by their delighted customers?

After a quick search on YouTube, it seems that there are very few golf course reviews posted. So this represents a real opportunity for those responsible in driving up membership and green fee revenues to get ahead of the competition.

To get the idea, take a look at this video created by some happy customers of a business – Splash White Water Rafting – run by a friend of mine called Peter Syme.

You don’t get a better customer endorsement than the words

“one of the greatest moments of our lives”

If you are still unsure about the relevance of video to your golf business, take a quick look at the stats below.

uk digital ad spend share forecasts


This research from eMarketer shows how digital advertising budgets are spread across the various advertising platforms. As you can see, Video Display ads (all advertising around video content and platforms) will increase from 3% of advertising spend to 12.4% of total advertising spend over the next 4 years. If the smart money is moving there, it’s because the audience is moving there as well.

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