12 great golf based social media covers

Why Every SEO Strategy Needs InfographicsThe online world that your customers inhabit is increasingly visual. The emergence of picture sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram are testimony to that. Research also shows that over 40% of people respond better to visual content than text content, and that 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.

So, as nearly all your customers (by that I mean people who play golf) are on social media, it’s probably best that you take advantage of the tools on offer. All of your social media profiles provide you with an opportunity to create and deliver great imagery related to your golf club, golf event or equipment brand.

If you are thinking that it’s simply a case of grabbing the latest photo and just posting it up then you would be wrong. But sadly, you would be ahead of the game when you look at some of the social media profiles that we have! This blog is not about naming and shaming those who have got it wrong, this about sharing some great examples, and hopefully giving you some ideas about your own social media profile and cover images.

I have chosen 12 golf based social media profiles that I think not only use great imagery to connect with golfers, but use these profiles to communicate the other social media platforms that they are using. After all, it’s not all about Twitter and Facebook.


1. Solheim Cup 2015

This cover image works on so many levels, capturing the excitement of the event, and the unique format that provides fans to follow a team. The graphic also very neatly promotes the event sponsors as well. In my view it could be improved by changing the profile image. Adding those 4 lines of text at the bottom has meant that the beautiful trophy is almost lost. The text below the profile image needs editing as well. A great example of what to put can be seen in the next profile that I have chosen.

solheim cup 2015 facebook

2. Ryder Cup Team Europe

Just like the Solheim Cup 2015, this Facebook cover image captures the excitement of the event with a beautiful aerial shot of the 2014 venue overlaid with a victorious Paul McGinley. The profile text also displays a link to the Twitter account which is a clever way of letting your customers / fans know that you are using that platform as well.

ryder cup europe facebook

3. Ryder Cup Team USA

The graphical style of the USA Ryder Cup team is very different. Having lost the last few tournaments, the message here is that whoever steps up to the 1st tee on the 23rd September 2014 at Gleneagles will have the power within themselves to become a golfing legend. The tightly cropped flag and cup create a strong visual call to arms. I also like the way that the profile is using text and the page Apps to promote other social media platforms.

ryder cup usa facebook

4. BMW Championship PGA Tour

I have chosen this cover from the BMW Championship for a couple of reasons. First off, the sponsors logo is bang up front in the profile image, but it doesn’t detract. The logo also appears in the cover image – no way can you be left wondering what tournament this is. But the main reason why this is included in the list is because of the text overlay. Here’s a social media account that is clearly being updated daily, at the very least, as indicated by the message that there is 1 day to go. This is a great way to build excitement, and don’t forget, every time you update your cover image, all your followers will get a message. This is a simple tactic for building engagement with your audience.

bmw championship facebook

5. Loudmouth Golf

The team at Loudmouth Golf seem to have a simple philosophy – don’t take golf too seriously. And I think this cover image does the trick nicely. Placing the images of the latest collection in thumbnails overlaid on a course photograph is a neat trick, as is the use of the only image of a golfer as the main focus. I also like the profile image which just reinforces the concept that Loudmouth stands for FUN!

loudmouth facebook



6. Royal Liverpool Golf Club – Hoylake

When compiling this review it was surprising how few Twitter accounts that I looked at had created anything of real interest. Using this iconic image of the final leaderboard at the 2013 Open Championship is a great way of connecting Hoylake with their hosting of The Open 2014. I also like the use of hash tags within the profile text to aid their performance in search results.

royal liverpool golf twitter

7. Volvik

This cover image for Volvik is simplicity in itself. Volvik make a range of brightly colored golf balls. That’s what they do. If you are left in any doubt after viewing this account you probably need glasses.

volvik twitter



8. The First Tee 

This is possibly my favourite of all the social media cover images in this review. The First Tee is a golf foundation that aims to introduce kids to golf, not to discover the next Tiger Woods, but because as we all know, golf teaches you some fantastic life lessons, and you get to play a sport too. This image captures the excitement and fun that kids can have, though if that was my boy in orange on the left, I think I might be a bit upset! Whoever set this account up on YouTube has also cleverly connected other social media accounts to the profile – the icons in the bottom right corner are live links.

First Tee youtube

9. European Tour

The European Tour channel on YouTube has delivered just like the BMW Championship account on Facebook. Here is a well managed account that is updating the cover image on a regular basis. This one is bang up to date as the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship is being played at the time of writing. As with First Tee, the profile settings have been updated with links to a number of social media accounts.

european tour youtube

10. Ladies European Tour

The Ladies European Tour YouTube page has a great cover image. Not only have they updated it with a image that invokes the recent victory in the Solheim Cup, they have cleverly cropped it, so that the tour logo appears neatly next to the live links to their website and other social media accounts. A neat trick in telling a story and encouraging the visitor to discover more on other platforms.LET - youtube



11. Callaway Golf

Pinterest is a recent phenomenon, but not recent enough that you have an excuse to not be there. The page format doesn’t really provide too many opportunities for branding, other than the account name and a link to a website. The reason that I have highlighted the Callaway Golf account is that if you look closely, many of the boards have a cover image that contains a Callaway product / logo.

callaway pinterest

12. Not In The Pro Shop
OK – hands up, I’m a bit biased on this last suggestion because Not In The Pro Shop is a blog that I run. The reason why I have put this forward is that I’m using a ‘sticky’ pin to provide an extra layer of branding for people who discover my pins. There is not a lot more that you can do on Pinterest, but it’s surprising how frequently this simple trick is over-looked.
notintheproshop pinterest


Hopefully my choice of golf cover images has given you some ideas about how you can improve your own social media accounts. If you are ready to update your own social media covers, then why not download my simple guide to cover image templates.

social media templates 2


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