Marketing ideas for Masters week

10 marketing ideas for Masters Week

Chi Chi Rodriguez Masters quoteThe Masters is the traditional kick start to the golfing year. The sun is shining, the course looks immaculate, and we can all dream of countless rounds of golf to be played this summer. It’s a marketing opportunity that is never missed by the big golf brands with their huge budgets and armies of marketing staff. You shouldn’t miss out either, and it’s not necessarily as big a task as you might think.

To help you tee off your spring and summer golf marketing, I have compiled a list of simple to deliver marketing ideas and activities that should not cost you any money either to set up or run.

1. Special offer to all customers branded as a Masters Special

I’m really hoping that you have been collecting the email addresses of your customers. Now’s the chance to show them that you care and use the excuse of the Masters to send them a special offer.

2. Discounts based on certain targets

Rather than just sending out a blanket offer, why not get them excited and connect the offer directly to the tournament. Here are just a few examples of how this might work. The advantage of this style of promotion is that it gives you an excuse for multiple communications. Email your customers to tell them it’s happening, then email them which offer is valid.

– X% off at the weekend if an Amateur is in the top 10 on Friday night

– free shipping if a European leads on Friday night

– whatever the winning score is on Sunday, that’s the discount for a flash sale, i.e. Justin Rose wins on 9 under par – the discount is 9% for the next week

3. Run a contest

This could be based on lowest score, best placed European, who will win or do better out of McIlroy, Spieth, Day or Scott. This is a good one for those who have a decent sized following on social media, it should up the engagement levels, just make sure to respond to any comments to keep that conversation going.

4. Create a survey

Ask your fans, followers and customers what is their favourite moment from the Masters, their favourite hole, who was the best winner etc You could run one survey question a day, or just one question, and keep pushing it. You could combine these last two ideas with your offer emails, asking recipients to click on a link to your Facebook page for example, and to submit a reply.

5. Use the right hashtag

So often I see great content on social media that goes unnoticed simply because people can’t find it. Use the #Masters or #Masters2016 to make sure that the golfers on Twitter get to see your marketing messages and brand.

6. Retweet a theme of content

I’m pretty sure that virtually every player on tour now uses Twitter and/or Instagram. If you are going to retweet other content (known as content curation) it can be quite daunting to know where to start. So why not pick a theme and stick with it. For example, if you run a pro-shop and are proud of the clothing ranges you stock, why not retweet the daily outfits of the top players, they will be tweeting their clothing style sheets – yes they do exist! Or, give your followers and customers a taste of what it’s like to be there, and just focus on images of life at the Masters – for example the beer cups, or the infamous Masters sandwich?

7. Publish previous Masters facts and figures

All hail Wikipedia – there are literally hundreds of websites with data, facts and figures from previous tournaments, and the commentators will be filling the airwaves with even more useless information. Why not listen out and tweet the stats that stand out for you.

8. Publish an infographic

Everyone loves an infographic – right? Well, to be honest, I’m not so sure. Done right, they can be great, but they can cost the equivalent of a Patrons ticket to the Masters to create properly. So why not cheat, and republish someone elses good work. After all, that was the whole point of creating an inforgraphic in the first place. Pinterest is a great place to start looking, and I’ve created a handy pinboard of Masters infographics for you to share, repin etc

Check out my Masters Infographics board on Pinterest

9. Publish quotes about the Masters

There have been some memorable quotes about the Masters over the years by the world’s greatest golfers. To help get you started, I have created a few graphics for social media of my favourite Masters golf quote.
Just click here to download a free set of graphics created for you to use on social media.

10. Countdown to the Masters timeline content

Why not get creative and publish a daily countdown to the Masters, get your audiences, your fans and your customers excited about the world’s second greatest golf tournament (I’m biased and love the Open even more). You could start with 18 days to go which is Sunday 20th March 2016.

To help get you started, why not send out this message on Facebook and Twitter:

18 things you didn’t know about Augusta National and the Masters #Masters #golf

You see what I did there? I googled ‘masters golf facts 18’, and found this page on the website. Grabbing the title to use as the tweet, and linking back to the page. I then added a couple of hashtags for good measure – how easy was that?

I hope this helps you to tee off your 2016 golf marketing, if you have any questions, or want to discuss any of these points in more detail, just call on 0330 7000 100 or use the contact page.

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